#TypszPlnsz is an interactive Polska-Deutschland poster campaign 🇵🇱/🇩🇪. A series of posters will be presented on the streets of Berlin and Germany-wide in schools with animations shown in an augmented reality iOS and Android app created to break down stereotypes about Poland. Check our social media channels for sneak peaks and previews of our work. Created by @schoolofobservation with the support of @bpb_de.

Order posters and booklet for free here: typszplnsz@schoolofobservation.com

Find the posters in Berlin, discover the real story behind stereotypes about Poland and get a better understanding of Polish culture and history. Posters are visible in Berlin from October 12 till November 4, 2018.
Get involved, tag your post with #typszplnsz!

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People involved

The project is led by Amanda Haas fromStudio Amanda Haas – a graphic designer / creative director and founder of School of Observation. Haas is the creator and initiator of the project and responsible for the design and overall concept of app, posters, booklet, and other media. She is being supported by Luigi Leone, graphic and motion designer. He is especially involved in the making of social media visuals and developing the poster animations. Jorge Miñano is managing the poster’s production and advertisement in Berlin and is also part of the concept development.

Marta Baniukiewicz is a world-travelled Polish multi-multi-lingual. She is responsible for Social Media, PR and Content Management.

Jana Petersen is the journalist and writer behind the project. She is leading the concept and content developement and the defining of the themes for the posters, app and brochure.

Paulina Ochmann is an art historian, visual researcher and cultural scientist with a Polish-German background. She is focusing on researching and defining the themes for the campaign.  

Studio Udvari / Karrer consisting of Tibor Udvari and Philippe Karrer are responsible for the smartphone application coding for Android and Apple Store.

Anna Dorothea Ker is our English translator.

Dr. Erik Malchow is an expert in Polish stereotypes in the media and is not only supporting the project’s concept development, but also the press and social media engagement.

Further collaborations

We are collaborating with bpb and various researchers on the topic of Polish-German relations, with Dr. Matthias Kneip writer, journalist and researcher at the Deutsches Polen-Institut, and Manfred Mack, Susanne Albani who are also key in the content creation and the spreading of the project—part of Deutsches Polen-Institut as well. We are also in touch with experts from Centre for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Furthermore, we have been in touch with Club der Polnischen Versager and many more Polish-German creatives in Berlin and all over Europe. Our texts for the app and brochure are based on the expertise of these specialists.

A list of people that contributed to our
app and booklet texts:

Karol Kasierski
Victoria Koprek
Aleksandra Kozlowska
Katharina Krawczyk
Matylda Krzykowski
Dr. Agnieszka Łada
Dr. Jakub Marszałkowski
Piotr Mordel
Emilia Smechowski
Zuzanna Ziomecka